Painting the Rainbow

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The aim of Painting the Rainbow Tai Chi is to make Tai Chi & Qigong in Birmingham and surrounding areas available to people in all walks of life and levels of mental and physical health.

To achieve this, we currently work with local hospitals providing tai chi for rehab to COPD patients, Cardiac, Rheumatology and falls prevention patients.

Chair based tai chi is an excellent introduction for all levels; from there we progress through the Painting the Rainbow tai chi & qigon program which includes seated chi-kung (qigong) through to tai chi movements suitable for those with more mobility.

In addition to this we run seated tai chi sessions for AgeUK, Community Groups, Day Centres, Special Needs centres, and schools among others. We have a seated tai chi DVD that supports our program, along with the chi-kung (qigong) as demonstrated on the video's page, plus tai chi form DVD's.

We provide regular FREE newsletters on tai chi and Qigong (chi-kung) which can be downloaded by clicking here

We have male and female instructors providing both sessions and staff training as this can be more cost effective in the long term.

PLEASE CONTACT US ON 0121 251 6172

If you are interested in Tai Chi & Chi-kung (qigong) for patient rehabilitation training details can be found at
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